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Edu 2.0 & Glogster

This quarter I decided to start my 8th grade Internet class with a new project. Our district recently started using an online learning management system called Edu 2.0. Using this system, teachers and students can post and retrieve lessons and assignments online. They can communicate with one another via email and chat, hold discussions through forums and discussion assignments, collaborate, and much, much more. And best of all, it's free! I decided to dive right in and have my students complete their new assignment directly through this website.

Free Software Series, Part 3: Photo Editing Software

We are in the last week of our 3rd quarter, which means I have my students for 4 more days before I welcome my next group. This time, I've found myself in that precarious no man's land that elective teachers dread. My desktop publishing class has finished its final project and have no time to complete a new one before grades are due. What do I do with my class this last week that will be productive, but not overly time consuming and not require grading? I decided to have some fun with photos this week.