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Get Organized!

For as long as I can remember, I've kept track of things I need to do with paper lists or sticky notes. Although this suited me fine for many years, when I started working as a Tech Trainer and now an Instructional Tech Coordinator, I found my system to be inadequate, to put it kindly.

Now I am constantly on the go; I'm no longer tethered to a single room. I'm running from school to school to work with teachers, principals, and other administrators on a variety of projects. Not only did my to-do list/stickies not travel with me, the little scraps of paper that I jotted notes onto while away from my desk often got lost, or went through the wash in my back pocket. Not ideal. (Not to mention it's embarrassing for someone who is supposed to be a tech leader to keep track of tasks that way!!)

I then discovered the Tasks feature in Google.

Happy Digital Learning Day!

In honor of Digital Learning Day, our department (Instructional Technology and Library Services in Adams 12 Five Star Schools) launched new online technology courses for teachers in our district and created a poster explaining digital literacy to display in our schools. Click here to access the PDF version of this poster. Feel free to print it for use in your district/school, but please do not change the poster in any way and leave our Adams 12 logo on it. How are you celebrating Digital Learning Day?