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Teachers, Students & Social Networking

Today I read an article that really bothered me on a topic that I know is very controversial in Education and tends to be a hot button issue. The state of Missouri is trying to pass the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act, which in section 162.069.4, would "prohibit teachers from establishing, maintaining or using a 'non-work-related Internet site which allows exclusive access with a current or former student'” (MediaShift, 2011). Although the purpose of this act is noble, to protect children from sexual predators, I take issue with this section, as does Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem. Judge Beetem issued an injunction order as this act may infringe on teacher's First Amendment rights to free speech. The act is worded somewhat vaguely and could be interpreted in such a way as to prohibit teachers from having any type of account that would allow for private communication with students. In other words, teachers could be prohibited from having a Facebook account, ema…