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If This Then That

I was recently asked to write and maintain our Poudre School District Instructional Technology social media, including a Blog, Facebook Page & Twitter account. I am very excited to take this task on! One of the things I'd like to do is repost the content from the district blog into my own personal blog, Facebook page, and Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, I can only do this automatically from the blog to a single account, and as there are Facebook and Twitter accounts I'll be using for our department, this means my own accounts are left out in the cold. The good news is, I recently discovered a website called IfThisThenThat, which allows you to automate these types of tasks pretty easily. You can create If-Then statements to automatically repost information, such as If a particular user Tweets something Then post it to my Facebook page. There are lots of different sites you can connect to, which is very useful!

The only downside is that you can't connect anything direct…