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Tech Skills Needed for Successful Online Testing

With state testing going online, many teachers worry that their students will not do well due to a lack of tech skills rather than content knowledge. In our district, my department has been tasked with helping teachers determine what tech skills their students will need. We are also working hard to find tools that will help students practice these skills without requiring students to take online practice tests over and over.

In Colorado, our students will be taking the CMAS and PARCC, both powered by PearsonAccess. We searched high and low for resources that may have already been created to help us with this task, but found few. So in an effort to help others, I am sharing our findings with you!

UPDATE 1/12/15: I've updated some links and added a few additional resources that I've come across since originally posting this.

UPDATE 2/12/16: Some of the links and tools changed. New updates reflect these changes.