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Flipping Fantastic!

It's funny how information sometimes aligns. I read an article today in an issue of eSchool News that a colleague had sent to me titled, "Don't Make These Mistakes with Flipped Learning" by Meris Stansbury, and one part stuck with me: "teachers need to have an accountability system in place for flipped learning instead of just relying on students to watch the video with no checks-and-balances." The author gave a couple of examples, such as, "have them eMail answers to two-to-three questions after viewing the video materials and describe two questions that they have about the video or what they didn’t understand. Students should have this completed by a certain time of night."

Such a simple and seemingly obvious idea, but many teachers skip this step. Then, the stars aligned and my boss sent me a link to a great FREE tool she came across today: eduCanon. eduCanon lets you embed multiple choice questions into the timeline of a video and collect res…