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iTeach with iPad, Part 2

Recently I posted about my first impressions of the iPad for education and in general. As you may recall, I was underwhelmed. At the time, it seemed to have more down sides than up. I won't rehash that post here, but feel free to check out that post to see details.

Since then, I attended an iPad and iPod in Education Seminar presented by Apple. To be honest, I went to the training with a fair bit of skepticism. Because this seminar was put on by Apple, I expected it to be an obviously biased presentation on the power of these tools in education, little more than a sales pitch. And while yes, there was some pitching, I have to admit that I was won over by the potential of tablets and became much more fond of the iPad I've been piloting.

Two things increased my enthusiasm for the potential of tablets in education. The first was the data that the presenter shared with us from Canby School District.  Students used iPods/iPads in a variety of ways. Some simply using them to record …