Here Goes Nothing!

It was suggested to me that I start a tech blog for teachers, since I spend most of my free time looking for resources and complaining that there aren't enough. Why not create my own resource for teachers? Why not, indeed!

I'm a full time technology teacher at a middle school in Colorado, which keeps me pretty busy, but I hope to start posting my thoughts/ideas regularly so that others might find some of the great resources I've discovered over the years.



  1. Well done - and congratulations. Your voice is now eternal ... well, at least as long as we continue to use computers and storage we don't turn off, or replace,or simply lose, at some point!

    I look forward to following your posts ...

  2. Ha ha Richard.
    Looking forward to your pearls of wisdom!
    Good start.

  3. Great idea! Looking forward to your posts to see what cool techie things you find!


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