iOS 7 Tips & Tricks

If you've updated to the new iOS 7 on your iDevice, you know that it looks and feels quite a bit different! If you're having trouble navigating the new iOS or if you're looking for general tips and tricks, check out the presentation I've updated for our district's iPad/iPod Basics course!


  1. Very cool! Do you happen to know why Air Play won't work on certain wireless networks, even if both devices are on the same wireless? This happens to me sometime in trying to link my iPad to my MacBook pro on college campuses.

  2. I suspect it may be blocked by the campus's IT department, as it is in most cases by ours. My understanding is that using Air Play involves a peer-to-peer connection which can leave the network and all connected devices vulnerable to hackers....

  3. Yes, it's usually because it is blocked..

  4. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

  5. Does your IT have Bonjour enabled on their network?? I think that is what airplay needs to work.

  6. Useful tips for us. Thanks a lot for your valuable article. I will keep following your blog for more information.


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