Free iOS Apps for a Limited Time

In case you're interested, here's a few potentially interesting iOS apps that are currently FREE! (Descriptions are copied from descriptions in the app store.)  I have not vetted these, but they look promising.... Let us know if they are any good in the comments!

littleBIG History (Usually $4.99) - "A revolutionary interactive timeline that lets you explore world history on an unprecedented scale - from the first miliseconds after big bang to the present and beyond. It places humanity in the large context of cosmos, earth and evolution of life."

Wonderful Days - Diary with Style (Usually $2.99) - "An ideal app for diary, journal, and note-taking. It is polished with a lot of customization options, including themes, photo frames, fonts, and icons. You can effortlessly keep track of your wonderful moments everyday, and enjoy them in exciting ways."

Prompts - For Writers (Usually $2.99) - "Get more than 1,000 starting lines and creative writing prompts to inspire you and give you ideas and improve your writing."

Functns (Usually $1.99) - "For practicing and learning multiplication tables. Linear progressions of the Times Table provide pattern recognition while a Random, or Shuffled Table progression develops memory retention. Students earn achievements to represent completion of specific skill sets related to both styles of times table progression."
King of Math (Usually $1.99) - "A fast-paced mathematics game with lots of fun and diverse problems in different areas. Starting as a male or female farmer, you level up your character by answering math questions and improving your total score. New character design and music for each of the ten levels. Collect stars, get achievements and compare your scores against your friends and players all over the world!"


  1. The KING OF MATH app is no longer showing free, unless it's the lite version.

  2. Bummer! Guess it was for a VERY limited time.


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