Flipping Fantastic!

It's funny how information sometimes aligns. I read an article today in an issue of eSchool News that a colleague had sent to me titled, "Don't Make These Mistakes with Flipped Learning" by Meris Stansbury, and one part stuck with me: "teachers need to have an accountability system in place for flipped learning instead of just relying on students to watch the video with no checks-and-balances." The author gave a couple of examples, such as, "have them eMail answers to two-to-three questions after viewing the video materials and describe two questions that they have about the video or what they didn’t understand. Students should have this completed by a certain time of night."

Such a simple and seemingly obvious idea, but many teachers skip this step. Then, the stars aligned and my boss sent me a link to a great FREE tool she came across today: eduCanon. eduCanon lets you embed multiple choice questions into the timeline of a video and collect response data! You can even provide answer feedback to students right then and there. How's that for flipping fantastic? Other options include inserting free-response questions (available with the paid version), web content, images, equation editors, audio and more. Best of all, you can prevent students from skipping past parts they haven't viewed yet!

What a powerful tool for flipping instruction, or for use in a blended learning environment! If you try it out with your students, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

EDIT: Someone responded in the comments that they liked EDpuzzle better than eduCanon. I hadn't heard of it before, so I checked it out. I have to say EDpuzzle is pretty awesome too! I like that you can import videos from several sources, and their customer support is awesome. I couldn't figure out how to edit questions after they'd been created, and they responded within a few hours AND immediately implemented a functional change that I suggested, making it much easier to edit existing questions!


  1. Anna, this is quite interesting and instructive too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes! Thanks for sharing, still I think edpuzzle.com is way better.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Anna! I hadn't tried either of these options yet! ed.ted.com is a similar solution. I like how educanon allows you to use TeacherTube videos as well. YouTube is still blocked for students on our network, unfortunately.


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