Go Paperless!

Our team was recently called upon to teach members of our district's Learning Services department strategies for integrating technology into their professional development (PD) sessions. Knowing that our district would soon be flooded with Chromebooks to support online testing and that we had people with a variety of skill levels, we developed three versions of a Google training to help people think about ways they could use Google tools in their PD sessions to reduce paper and enhance engagement. Our hope is that if teachers experience the meaningful use of technology in the PD sessions they attend, they will be inspired to transfer some of the tools and strategies into their own teaching.

As a companion to these sessions, we developed a Paperless PD QuickGuide for participants to reference as they plan their PD sessions.

Check out the presentations and QuickGuide below. (For some reason, embedding is a bit buggy right now; click on the links to view the presentations and Guide if they are not displaying properly.)

Paperless PD: Basics

Paperless PD: Next Steps

Paperless PD: Ninja

Paperless PD QuickGuide (includes non-Google tools as well).

 Our next project is to modify these sessions for classroom teachers!


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