Schoology - Inspired by CommonCraft

One of our favorite resources when helping teachers understand technology is CommonCraft, a company that puts out a series of short videos that explain various tech concepts "in plain English". If you're not familiar with their videos and formats, below are a couple of great ones:

Online Citizenship

Web Search Strategies

As part of a subscription, you get access to CommonCraft's cutout library so you can create your own CommonCraft-style videos. We used their cutouts to create a short introduction to Schoology, a learning management system that we recommend our teachers use to house resources and course content for their students.

We shared this video in a course we created to help our teachers learn how to use Schoology with their students. Although the Schoology website has a few videos of their own, the features described in their marketing videos include some of the Enterprise features, which are only available in the paid version of Schoology. At the moment, our district is only using the free version (which is extremely robust), so we wanted to highlight what Schoology can do for teachers without talking about tools they won't be able to use.

I have to say, making your own CommonCraft-style video is a lot of fun, but it is time consuming! If you've ever tried making one, I'd love to see it!


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for your work and tech leadership.


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