New Google Apps for Education Feature!

Part of my job is to maintain online professional development courses for teachers in our district. We have a Google Drive course that I must comb through periodically to make sure the video tutorials are current and reflect the latest Google Drive features and interfaces. In doing so, I discovered a new (to me) feature that may have escaped notice for you as well!

Did you know that when sharing files in Google drive, you can set an access expiration date? Not available in the free version of Google Drive, this handy feature can be applied by Google Apps for Education (GAFE) users to any file that is shared with viewing or commenting rights. Alas, as of today, you can not set an expiration date for shared access if you're granting editing access. None the less, this is a great feature I intend to start utilizing immediately! Check out how to set expiration dates on sharing settings below:


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